Friday, July 17, 2015

We Work Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Hi y'all! It's FINALLY Friday!! 

Before the weekend arrives, I wanted to write a quick post on teamwork and collaboration. In the design field, working together and sharing thoughts and advice is critical. Having someone else's opinion about things opens our eyes to things we may have not even thought about. At Lounge Interiors, they do a fabulous job of working together with themselves and with our laborers. Just this week, Allison, Elizabeth and I worked all day long on Elizabeth's new client. We all got together in choosing furniture layouts, furniture pieces, pricing, estimating, searching for fabrics, and collaborating with the client. 

Every Monday when the work week begins, Haley comes in and we sit at the front and discuss what needs to be done for the week and anything that she may need to assist us with. On many occasions this summer, we have collaborated with our seamstress and upholster on current projects going on and receiving their input. Since there are some things that we can't answer for clients, it's very beneficial to be able to go to our laborers for further advice and knowledge. 

Ever since starting my internship, I have really started to appreciate and understand better why collaboration is so important in the design world. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Orders on Orders on Orders

Heyy y'all!

This week has been pretty busy! We have sold so many items off the floor because of our current 50% off sale; so the store is starting to look pretty empty. However, since we're selling all this furniture, that just means that we get to order new pieces and rearrange the store when it all arrives! Since we've had so many items purchased from the floor, this morning Elizabeth and I started going through our extra fabric from previous projects to use for new pillows. I got to help choose a new bed and chest of drawers to be bought for the floor. We also got some new, beautiful art pieces by our most admired artist, Suzanne Guild. 

The empty space where a custom bed once was - it was bought yesterday!

Extra fabric that we're going to use to make more pillows for the store. I'm loving the dots!

Beautiful pieces by the very talented Suzanne Guild!

Just a couple of things brought back from the work room ready to be installed for clients.

We have been working hard for Melanie Dobel this week - some of the pieces we ordered a couple of weeks ago have arrived and they will be sent out for install tomorrow; she is so excited! I found some floating wall shelves for Melanie's daughter's room that we need to send over; prices and set numbers included for her access. We did have some mishaps this week though. After sending and re-sending her custom drapery back to the seamstress, we finally came to a conclusion to just turn the panels into roman shade. We're going to add a fun, green, small patterned fabric to the lead edge to put some more color into her space. Also, she has decided to add seven extra feet to her back porch so now we are getting to select a whole set for new outdoor furniture. We are very excited about this!

Also, Elizabeth has been working with a new client this week with outdoor furniture. The client's name is Elizabeth Clark and has a new home with a beautiful back yard lake view. We have selected fabric for custom pillows and ottomans for her outdoor sun room. We selected two sofas and two small cubed ottomans to be placed in between the sofas. Clark loved the fabric selections and the ideas that we came up with so we have been working to get quotes from our seamstress. Once that's done, we get to order all the fabric and send it to the work room! 

Once we selected fabrics that Clark okayed, we started brainstorming. We decided to do the fun wavy pattern for the ottomans. The striped pattern is going to be some 22" accent pillows. We selected a gray fabric to use as a solid for the back pillows and we are going to use a solid, white speckled blue for a one inch flange and we're also adding a small white cording to the flange too; just to make it a little more custom.

Check back tomorrow for more updates on us here at Lounge!