Friday, June 19, 2015

HELLO Friday!

Well y'all, it's finally Friday!

I have survived the week of interning alone here at the studio. I definitely got a good learning experience and despite how scared I was of being the only one here, I must say I did pretty decent. :) I got to talk to my boss more one on one about the world of interior design and running a small local firm. She gave me some very helpful insight on opening my own firm if I ever was interested in that in the future. I learned more of the business and money side of the business this week. I was able to talk with their accountant and learn some of the terms and basic things about running a business.

This week I definitely had more responsibilities and I'm happy that my boss was confident to let me run the studio for a little bit. I can't believe I'm about half way done with my summer internship. If I have already gotten a ton of advice and knowledge, I can't wait to see how I feel after my last month.

I hope y'all have a fabulous and fun weekend, I know I will! See y'all next week. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 4 - Loungin' all by my Lonesome

Morning y'all!

I hope y'all's week has been fabulous. Well... I have been semi running the studio by myself this week. Which has been exciting yet terrifying. Elizabeth and Allison both decided to go on a week vacay at the same time; so it's just been me here. Haley will come in and out throughout the day, but for the most part I'm here by myself. 

I got a set of keys for the week - yeah, I'm good. I have been opening up every morning and then shutting it down at 5. This week has been pretty slow, other than the usual daily emails and voice mails. I've been working in QuickBooks - our business software, which is very new to me so I'm still getting used to it. 

Yesterday, I finally got to start using SketchUp to make a custom cabinet for a client. This has been the first time I have actually had to use any CAD software. But besides that, organizing the resource library, and answering any mail - my week has been pretty slow. 

I'll post again before the weekend just to fill y'all in on the rest of my week. :)\

Happy Wednesday! The work week is almost done - you can make it!