Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 3 - Global Perspective

1. Does your firm work on local, regional, national, or global level?
           A: Lounge Interiors mainly works within the local and regional level; including Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and others close to our state. They usually have projects within Mississippi and the Jackson area.

2. Do they order materials or work with clients locally and/or out of our local region and/or country?
           A: Lounge Interior strives to work locally if possible; just because it keeps cost down and it's a nice touch for citizens of Mississippi. We use custom furniture, drapery/hardware, and fabric lines that are local. On top of local materials and clients, we order nationally and internationally. We have several lines from England, Italy, and many others in Europe.

3. How are any cultural differences with clients or vendors handled?
           A: The studio strives to make all consultations/designs/work equal - no matter the race, ethnicity or culture. Since their opening in 2008, they haven't had any major cultural differences that they have had to deal with. One small example would be one of our current clients; she is Jewish, so they have considered her religion throughout the project and have kept that in mind. The designers here always consider and acknowledge the client's culture and how important it is to them.

4. How do they design within the parameters of varying socio-economic and cultural differences?
           A: One of Haley's (the owner) main goals when opening her studio was to create a firm that offers various price ranges that can work with anyone's budget. Even if there isn't anything in the physical store to work for a client, they will reach beyond their doors and research other solutions to accommodate their client's needs. The same goes with cultural differences; however, socio-economic differences are more frequent.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Organization and Retail World

Heyy y'all!

This week has had it's busy moments and the slow moments. We did get a ton of new fabric samples, trim, and paintings this week, so that was fun to look at! We have been busy putting all artwork and pieces in a new inventory system - just to make it a little more organized. On top of all of that, I have continued to work on one of my projects; reorganizing the resource library... It has taken me a while and I'm still not finished.

Since Elizabeth and Allison, the two other designers, will both be out of town all next week, we've been trying to prepare and get everything ready in case I run into any problems or have questions. I will be opening the studio and closing every day next week. So no pressure; to say the least!

Here's a look at my week so far :)

Trim samples finally arrived! This is only one of 8 books :D

Love, love, love these paintings by Hunter Davenport. 

New paintings by one of our younger featured artists of Jackson. 

This might be one of my favorite pieces so far, it's stunning!

And this is where all the organization happens... our resource library. It's slowly but surely coming along.

And many more shelves to go!! Wish me luck :)

Check back tomorrow for one last post for the week. Have a fabulous day!