Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 1 - Lovin' It!!

Hello all!

I am currently writing to you from our shared desk area here at Lounge.

My first week here has been fabulous! I have already learned so much and gotten to do a lot. I'm also starting to become familiar with their work process and schedules. We currently have seven clients that we go back and forth to, in different phases of the design process. Our days here are very diverse which makes it even more exciting! We often make several runs to different vendors, stores, or client meetings throughout the week.

Here is my humble abode for the next 8 weeks!!

Lounge Interiors has a show room where customers can come in and buy products off the floor or special order pieces. Connected to the show room is the Lounge Art Gallery (picture above), where we feature local artists' work. During the fall and spring, Lounge Interiors hosts art exhibits or shows in addition to the show room that is open during usual business hours. 

This is just the beginning of my learning experience and I am ready and so excited to see what else I get to do with these wonderful people during my internship. 

My First Day of Loungin'

Hey guys!

So, Wednesday was my first day of my summer internship at Lounge Interiors in Jackson. The studio is owned by the principal designer, Haley Bianchini, who graduated from Mississippi College with her bachelor's degree in Interior Design. Elizabeth Hall (USM alumni) and Allison Roberts (Mississippi State alumni) are the other two designers that also work for Haley.

I had a blast my first day, despite how nervous I was. When I first got there, Elizabeth showed me just some housekeeping things that need to be tended to in the morning. I called a couple of vendors to check up on open purchases and recorded those. I assisted in organizing some fabric samples in the back before we went to Tinnin Oriental Rugs on Lakeland Drive in Flowood. Elizabeth and I went there to find some hide rugs to get for approval for a client. After that, we made it back to the studio and checked some prices on towels, a chandelier, and a couple of more items for the same client.

*** Just another glance of me checking fabric specs and selections for a client ***

After lunch, I got to accompany Haley and Elizabeth to the client's house in Madison. I was able to observe them field measuring for furniture pieces and draperies. After measuring, we hung up some artwork and mirrors in the house and then laid down the hide rug to see how it looked with the furniture it was going under. The picture below is my boss Haley and Elizabeth hanging some of the client's artwork in her bathroom.

Overall, my first day was awesome and I had a blast! I am so excited to see how the rest of the summer is going to play out. Check tomorrow for one more post before the weekend!

Thanks y'all!