Thursday, July 9, 2015

Workin' on Dobel

Hello all!

So, we've been slowing down here at Lounge. Work and jobs have been dwindling with everyone on vacation and away at the beach. However, our biggest client right now, Melanie Dobel, has just ordered a ton more for her home in Madison. Elizabeth and I went out to her house today to do a couple of things for her. We took 6 carpet tiles that are in her small office off her kitchen; it was a more reasonable price then buying an expensive rug to put in a room that many people won't even go in. We had to measure them out and place them, and trim them with a box cutter accordingly. After finally getting the perfect fit, it looks so great and the client is so happy!

After that, we placed her two euros and lumbar pillow for the guest room that finally came in from the workroom; and they were absolutely fabulous. The lumbar pillow was the fabric that I selected a few weeks ago for Melanie and she loved it! Also, Elizabeth and I measured to see how much space we had to put a night stand in the same room and left Melanie printed out selections for her to choose from.

Lastly, we finally moved on to the last tasks: measuring for a dining room rug and seat cushions for her table in the kitchen. To be sure that the rug Melanie wanted under the table wasn't going to compete with the cowhide rug close by, we measured to see what size would fit best.

Hopefully as July comes closer to an end, more people will be coming in for jobs; before my internship here is complete. Check back tomorrow for one more post before the weekend hits. 

Hope y'all's Thursday was as fabulous as mine has been!

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