Friday, July 17, 2015

We Work Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Hi y'all! It's FINALLY Friday!! 

Before the weekend arrives, I wanted to write a quick post on teamwork and collaboration. In the design field, working together and sharing thoughts and advice is critical. Having someone else's opinion about things opens our eyes to things we may have not even thought about. At Lounge Interiors, they do a fabulous job of working together with themselves and with our laborers. Just this week, Allison, Elizabeth and I worked all day long on Elizabeth's new client. We all got together in choosing furniture layouts, furniture pieces, pricing, estimating, searching for fabrics, and collaborating with the client. 

Every Monday when the work week begins, Haley comes in and we sit at the front and discuss what needs to be done for the week and anything that she may need to assist us with. On many occasions this summer, we have collaborated with our seamstress and upholster on current projects going on and receiving their input. Since there are some things that we can't answer for clients, it's very beneficial to be able to go to our laborers for further advice and knowledge. 

Ever since starting my internship, I have really started to appreciate and understand better why collaboration is so important in the design world. 

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