Friday, July 31, 2015

Reminiscin' my Summer Internship at Lounge Interiors

Today is the day, y'all. At 5 o'clock this afternoon, I will be officially done with my internship before beginning my senior year at USM.

My summer has been full of residential design and projects. Lounge Interiors had around twelve clients that they were working on when I started in May. Our major projects were Melanie Dobel's and Elizabeth Clark's home. I was able to select furniture pieces, fabric options, accent pillows, rugs, drapery trim and style, and order those items for the clients. I have gained so much knowledge and experience with custom drapery, accent pillows, and furniture. Haley, Elizabeth and Allison let me practice with estimates, invoices, and quoting custom items. They were very good at keeping me involved and explaining what and why they were doing what they were doing.

I've gotten to go to fabric rep meetings, client meetings, and professional meetings this summer with my co-workers. I also got the opportunity to meet and work with other Interior Designers in the Jackson area and get a feel for their style and personalities.

It has been so awesome and exciting to actually be in the design world and link what I have learned in school to real life projects and situations. I am so grateful to have worked with the amazing and talented ladies at Lounge Interiors this summer and can't wait to begin my senior year with the new experiences I have had.

So, to end my last day at Lounge Interiors, Haley is taking all of us out to eat at Bravo, a super yummy Italian restaurant for lunch to celebrate the end of summer. I'm so glad to be able to have these ladies as future mentors and resources when I am finishing my last year of school and in my future career.

Just so y'all can put a face to the names that I have kept mentioning all summer. :)

Here's all of us, Allison, who is adorably 31 weeks pregnant and graduated from Mississippi State (first on the left), Haley who owns Lounge Interiors and is the head designer (beside Allison), me and then Elizabeth who graduated from Southern Mississippi (right side). They have done an amazing job mentoring me this summer and teaching me as much as they possibly could. I have had such a wonderful and amazing experience here this summer; I'm honestly a little sad that it's all coming to an end.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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