Thursday, July 30, 2015

Loungin' Away My Last Week


Today is Thursday, leaving only one more day left of my internship at Lounge Interiors in Jackson. Despite our slower weeks this summer, we are finally starting to pick back up some business and new clients.

We got a brand new client last week; we are starting completely over with all new everything - new sofa, chairs, furniture pieces, drapery, and accessories. When we went out to tour the home, we measured the first phase of the project, which was the living room and foyer. Haley and I recorded the style and wants that the client wishes to have in her newly designed home. Since last week we have been working on selecting sofa and chair options, as well as fabric options for those pieces. Once she selects one that she likes, we will make that purchase order, and select pillow fabric for accent pillows, a coffee table, and side tables. The client is super excited about our ideas that we're coming up with and can't wait to see other selections we choose for her!

Other than working on our new client, we've still been working on Melanie Dobel and Elizabeth Clark. They have both been out of town for the past couple of weeks so work for them hasn't been too much or very steady.

I hate that my last week here is actually picking up on design work; but nevertheless, I am still going to keep up with Haley and their projects that I've been helping with, so I can see how the clients like it.

Tomorrow will be my last post for the summer..... Yes, I know; very sad. :( But I'm excited to get back to school and hear my classmates' experiences this summer!

See ya tomorrow! Happy Thursday!

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