Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 2 - Gettin' in my Groove

Hey y'all!!

Yesterday was the start of week 2 for me here at Lounge Interiors. This week has already been pretty steady, and we're only getting started! Monday was full of calling for updates on purchases for clients and selecting fabrics.

For one of our clients, the girls and I were on a mad hunt for the perfect shade of green to use as a velvet back fabric for the client's euro pillows. After searching through all of the bins and booklets of fabric in the back, we finally found a solution - and it's fabulous.

This week is all about some fabric for me. In several of our projects, we are to the point to select all fabrics and finishes. I am getting to organize all of our samples this week, so I'll be able to get more familiar with all the different brands and prices. On Wednesday, I get to go with Elizabeth to speak with a fabric rep and look at their new samples, and I am so excited! Here are a couple of pictures for ya! :)

So, remember the velvet I was talking about that took forever to find? The fabric above are the pieces that we were working with. 

Here's a closer peek!

One bin of fabric organized, too many more to go. 

(Above) These are fabrics that Elizabeth has chosen for one of her clients. We were searching for the perfect navy duvet to complement these fabulous fabrics. 

Well, that's about all I got for you today. Check back on Thursday for more!! :)

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