Friday, June 26, 2015

Team Work Makin' the Dream Work

Well, this week I wanted to talk a little bit about team collaboration and interdisciplinary work. Here at Lounge Interiors, there isn't much interdisciplinary work besides working with a few contractors every now and then when they have bigger projects starting from the bottom up. However, if Haley or any of the other designers need assistance from architects, engineers and other workers, they do have contacts that they could call for some direction in that particular area.

As designers at Lounge Interiors, they often work together on all projects that are going on; they keep each other up to date with their own projects and collaborate on numerous aspects of the current projects. During my experience so far, seeing how often the designers work together and give their advice and input on anything that they need help with is one of the main positive aspects I have gained. I truly believe it's important to collaborate and work together with your co-workers. Not only do you get help when you may be stuck, but it's an awesome way to see things in a different light; bouncing ideas off each other is a great way to brainstorm. Although the designers at Lounge Interiors work mainly as a team, Haley still is the team leader in the overall picture, but only when a leader or direction is needed by Elizabeth and Allison.

Not just in the interior design world, but in all other fields of design, teamwork and collaboration is crucial. Styles and elements change rapidly now because of the internet and easy access to new trends. Keeping in touch with other designers not only makes good ideas and creations, but makes better designers.

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